Meth Lab Test Pricing - Advanced Forensic Drug Testing Ltd

(AFDTL) our RESIDUE Meth Base_Line Lab check contract test pricing is based on a test in every room and the area being meth check sampled by our qualified consultants in the property as this will eliminate the risk of not detecting the presence or otherwise of meth based contamination.

As a renter or buyer if extensive cleaning or painting has taken place ask for a Residue Meth Base_Line Lab Check Contract Test pricing report as this activity may have been an attempt to cover up residue meth contamination and should be tested as NZS8510:2017 advisement.

(A)   Initial screening lab test pricing for house meth test + travel                     $150 + GST

(B)   Field composite technique pricing sample check                                      $250 + GST

(C)  Meth Base_Line Lab price up to 3 Brm house pricing level test                    $250 + GST

(D)  Meth Base_Line Lab price up to 5 Brm house pricing level test                    $350 + GST

(E)   Meth Base_LineLab  price 6 or more Brm house pricing level test               $500 + GST

(F)   Meth Base_Line Lab price garage, sleep-outs pricing ea area Level test     $250 + GST

(G)   Meth Base_Line Lab price already on site extra room/area pricing level      $200 + GST

All Meth Base-Line Lab analytical results within 48 hours.

AFDTL is an NZ owned company that operates in the Contaminated Site Investigation areas with Head Office in Auckland that has developed a RESIDUE Meth Base_Line LAB CHECK CONTRACT TEST price compliant with NZS8510:2017 giving assurance to all our Clients, Private Individuals, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Offices, Banking Groups and Institutions confidence in IANZ analytical forensic results only when our qualified consultants collect the samples.

Note: Do it yourself purchasers of Meth Kits off the web are not acceptable evidence indicators of contamination or otherwise for residue Meth levels as above under NZS8510:2017  advisement.



Available for qualifying ClientsFor every full $1,000 Dollars paid one month before the due date a sum of $50 Dollars will be immediately rebated off the outstanding account including GST. Note this is not related to any reverse or factoring finance of any kind; it is a concessionary rebate sum.


All costs incurred in the recovery of overdue accounts will be added to the total amount owed.