Our service to you

We offer confidential and professional services, including SUBSIDISED* on-the-spot pre-purchase sampling of properties and all assets for methamphetamine residue. We offer tests for other illicit drug precursor traces left behind by exposure to activities associated with drug consumption and production at minimal costing.

Our SUBSIDISED ON SITE* surface drug residue check provides an initial indicative YES or NO answer on the spot for the presence of meth residue - one SUBSIDISED* lab swab is also taken to confirm if methamphetamine residue is present.

If the presence of drug surface residue is detected, we can provide additional services in terms of evidential testing and recommend qualified forensic clean-up companies.

About Us
We are certified to take a SUBSIDISED* on site surface METH lab swab or provide a subsidised, low cost, on site saliva or urine test at a nominal fee. Other tests are suited to workplaces, factories, schools and other facilities and we can sample surfaces of workstations, desks or machinery to provide an indicative result on the spot. We are also qualified to take lab swabs for further analysis and put you in contact with a professional forensic decontamination crew if needed.

What should I do?
If you suspect contamination of your property or asset, or that an employee or child is using drugs, contact us immediately to book an on site surface drug check. Should you choose to undertake further analysis, we can provide a report at a minimum pricing upon your request, as well as undertake further testing at an additional cost per area examined.

We can sample:

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Hotel Rooms
Personal Property/Furniture

Additional services

Quantification of contamination levels across multiple surfaces, areas or rooms.
Cost-effective pricing for further, evidential testing.
Sub-surface paint sampling available to expose hidden contamination.
Onsite Saliva and Urine Testing.
Hair Sample Testing.
Drug tests and checks for substances other than methampetamine, such as precursor drugs, cannabis (THC), cocaine, PVT, Bath salts, oxycodone and heroin. Arrange forensic clean-up of contaminated assets or premises.
Independent IANZ laboratory analysis reports.

What happens next?
Our subsidised level one on-site meth drug testing includes a (IANZ) laboratory analysis report. If this returns a presumptive positive result then we provide level two meth drug testing from $1,400 for a three bedroom property, showing indicative (IANZ) accredited laboratory analysis results.

Book a SUBSIDISED on site residue check*

Yes, it is SUBSIDISED!
*Conditions apply.

As our work standards and reporting are in compliance with Standards New Zealand our results can be relied upon and are acceptable to Insurance Companies and Territorial Authorities. We are admitted Members of Forensic Drug Association (FDA)