Our service to you - Meth Testing

AFDT LTD can identify 30 different drugs; these may be as a powder, liquid, paper tab, pill, pressed cake form, urine, blood stain, asbestos, on or in any item.

We test, analysis and report mainly at our business but are fully mobile for on site work.

Some of the items tested have been powers, liquids, printed papers, pill of all shapes and colours, compacted cake substances, urine, blood splatters and swabbing of all kinds.

Swabs should be taken by our qualified technician us we can later confirm that swabbing was taken correctly and that chain of custody can be relied upon.

We can be contacted at 0275 680 661

We operate with unbranded vehicles as discretion is our business.

Our company is the best to deal with.

We offer confidential and professional services, including SPONSORED Residue Meth Base_Line Lab Drug Check Contract Testing pre-purchase or renting sampling of properties and all assets for methamphetamine to NZS8510:2017 compliance. We offer tests for other illicit drug precursor traces left behind by exposure to activities associated with drug consumption and production at minimal costing. Our SPONSORED surface drug residue Meth Base_Line Lab Drug Check Contract Testing provides an initial negative or non-negative answer for the presence of meth residue - one SPONSORED laboratory swab sample is also taken to confirm if methamphetamine residue is present and this confirms the level of contamination. If the presence of drug surface residue is detected, we can provide additional services in terms of Residue Meth Base_Line Lab Drug Check Contract Testing. About Us Our Lab technicians are qualified to take a SPONSORED surface METH laboratory swabs under best practice NZS8510:2017 or provide low cost, on-site meth tests that are suited to workplaces, factories, schools and other facilities and we can sample surfaces of workstations, desks or machinery to provide an indicative result on the spot. We are also qualified to take lab swabs for further analysis and put you in contact with a professional meth decontamination crew if needed. What should I do? If you suspect any type of contamination of your property or asset, or that an employee or child is using drugs, contact us immediately to book a discreet on-site surface Residue Meth Base_Line Lab Drug Check Contract Test check. Should you choose to undertake further analysis, we can provide a detailed report on minimum pricing on your request, as well as undertake further testing at an additional cost per area or item analysed. We have a consulting division named CONTAMINATION INVESTIGATIONS (NZ) LTD that deals with all kinds of enviro contamination incidents and clean up solutions, mainly in the drug and waterways fields but not limited too. As our work standards and reporting are conducted UNDER BEST PRACTICE of NZS8510:2017 our results can be relied upon and are acceptable to Bank, Finance, Insurance Companies and Territorial Authorities.

We can sample:

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Hotel Rooms and Motel Units
  • Cars, Trucks, Caravans, Vehicles of all types
  • Boats, Machinery
  • Personal Property/Furniture and Possession
  • All Drug Powder Substances
  • All Meth Base_Line Lab Testing
  • Asbestos in roofing, ceiling insulation and internal sprayed on textures

Additional services

  • Quantification of contamination levels across multiple surfaces, areas or rooms.
  • Cost-effective Residue Meth Base_Line Lab Check Contract Test pricing for further, evidential testing.
  • Sub-surface paint sampling available to expose hidden contamination including asbestos.
  • Drug tests and checks for substances other than methamphetamine, such as precursor drugs, cannabis (THC), cocaine,
  • opiate, amphetamine, benzodiazepine, PVT, bath salts, oxycodone, heroin and any other Drug Powder substance,
  • Arrange forensic clean-up decontaminated crew for premises or person for assets.
  • Undertake final residue Meth Base_Line Lab analysis conformation clearance and issue compliance report from independent IANZ laboratory analysis reports.

We will analysis any emailed report sent to us to give assurance and confidence to forwarder that, that report is in compliance with NZS8510:2017 or otherwise.

What happens next?
Our sponsored level one Residue Meth Base_Line Lab Drug Check Contract Testing includes an (IANZ) laboratory analysis report. If this returns a non-negative result of 1.5ug/100cm2 or above then we provide level two Residue Meth Base_Line Lab Drug Check Contract Testing from $1,000 approximately for a three bedroom house.

For every full $1,000 Dollar paid/received one month before the agreed due date, a sum of $50 Dollars will be immediately rebated off the outstanding account. Note this is not related to any reverse or factoring finance of any kind: it is a concessionary rebate sum.


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